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5 Feb 2011

Why college girls’ strip is so exciting?

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college girl strip

Striptease has always been exciting for every man. What makes striptease so exciting is actually the chance to see that many perfection at once. Striptease girls are very hot and sexy girls, perfect girls you would do anything to be with. Even if regular striptease girls’ stripping is very exciting, college girls’ strip could definitely be even more exciting!

Younger girls are always better and hotter. That is simply because being young physically means less imperfection on your looks. College girls always care a lot about how they act, how they look and how they feel. They simply can’t leave their rooms until they don’t feel like they are ready for the new day. Being ready is more complicated with college girls. They need to have their perfect makeup and favorite clothes on.

What makes college girls’ strip so exciting are those girls themselves. All those perfect shapes, perfect tits, perfect round ass and tight shaved pussy will definitely turn any guy on. Even better you don’t need to spend all that money to get a college girl strip for you. There are several occasions to get a beauty strip just for you or you and your friends.

Spring break parties, orgy parties or other sex parties are all right occasions for college girls’ strip. If you are a real man and you are lucky enough you could even manage to go to a lesbian college girl party. That is only possible if they let you join. A lesbian party is even better for men since the unique opportunity to see striptease, lesbian plays all at once is there.

Parties aren’t the only places to get college girls. You can even choose to date a hot young college girl and get close to her. After you are close enough within your relationship you can start getting sexual. Of course, since she is your girl, she’ll do anything for you!

Imagine that perfect college girl with an amazingly hot body, perfect makeup and latest fashion hairstyle dance naked in front of your eyes. That is a sight every man would enjoy unless he’s gay. Even if you are gay you may still be excited to see such girls strip for you and your friends.

If you are ever given the opportunity to see college girls’ strip make sure you won’t miss that. Not only it will be the best sexual experience you ever had but it’ll surely remain as a sweet memory inside you, something you won’t forget.

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31 Jan 2011

College girls’ strip is not for silly men

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college girl strip

Every men talks about the need and curiosity to see college girls’ strip. Some men might think that college girls’ strip is for silly men, but that isn’t true! We’ll now check on why you should definitely see college girls’ strip.

Since we are human, we have our sexuality. Expressing the sexuality isn’t wrong and it is good to be expressed. Even if we don’t admit it in front of our friends, we all have our sexual fantasies and ideals. While fat chicks are the ideal for some guys others simply find them disgusting. Hey, it’s a matter of tastes, no taste is wrong since who likes something really likes it.

College girls are hot young girls getting prepared for their further lives. These girls truly know the importance of trying out everything until they are young so they can make the correct decisions in life. These girls are amazing and so attractive. They always care about themselves, the way they look. At times college girls like to go wild and hot. Being wild and hot never was wrong, it is perfectly normal, we all want to have fun.

Striptease bars are well known places but having your college girl strip just for you is even better. You don’t need to go to that place which has an image in front of the society and you can have all that fun from the comfort of your own home. Having fun is also needed for men not only girls are the ones who need fun.

Dating college girls is very good to make experience and you may even find love with a college girl. Having them strip for you is an incredible experience you’ll never forget. Even if it isn’t a long-term relationship seeing and knowing things is good. You need every bit of relationship experience when you see that girl in your life that is just perfect for you and you’d do anything to be with her. Being able to have the girls you want is something that makes you a powerful man, a real man in the eyes of the society.

Silly men are those who keep themselves out of such wonderful occasions like going to sex parties or any other place you can meet and fuck college girls. These men will only lack a lot of beautiful memories and of course experience. You wouldn’t want to miss anything as perfect as a college girl stripping for you, would you?


26 Jan 2011

College girls like hot men

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college girl strip

We all have noticed that college won’t simply date anyone they meet. They have their personal pretentions when it comes to men. Of course they do it right since you never should be with someone whose company you can’t enjoy.

Hot men are the ones college girls like. What makes men hot? Well it depends on a lot of things. Before discussing about what makes us men hot let’s see what makes college girls hot. If we are able to understand them and to understand why they act in the way they act, we’ll most probably understand what to do to be the hot man these girls are looking for.

College girls are always up to something new. They never give themselves the occasion to get bored with anything at all. It is very easy to see how they achieve that. First they always care about themselves. The first thing they do when waking up is putting on some makeup, arranging the hair to look good and wearing something nice for that day. They often hang out with their friends and laugh together, meaning that they feel good.

Now men are a bit different. It is often that we don’t care enough about our hairstyle, clothes and stuff like that because we think caring for that is only meant for girls. Well that isn’t true. You need to show college girls that you care about yourself. You can easily choose a latest fashion hairstyle to match your face and then you can wear nice clothes that are at the same time comfortable, fashioned and they also represent your personality. Having a solid personality is always needed to show college girls that you are a real man.

Being financially fully or partially independent from your parents is also very important for college girls. If they see that you have a good car and fancy clothes is good until they find out that money was given to you by your parents.

Of course you also need to have your group of boys, who are hot like you are. That way those college girls will see that you have friends who are as attractive as you are. These are all good points.

Finally you should also show girls that you won’t just date any girl when you don’t have a girlfriend. That will definitely make them see that you are indeed hot and attractive!

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17 Jan 2011

Relationships with college girls – tips for dating

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college girl strip

Having relationships with college girls is something that you shouldn’t miss as a young man. For older men out there who didn’t try it yet, they should. Dating college girls gives you experiences and memories hard to forget. Being with a college girl is something so special because college girls themselves are very special.

There are some useful and good to know tips before dating college girls. You probably noticed these girls aren’t that easy to get and won’t be impressed by tricks and actions you thought are impressing. They are full of contradictions because they are special and very smart. They have a unique ability to choose between real men and weak men. They only need real men since college girls need experience for their further lives as grownups.

Never let her feel that you are nervous. If a college girl will be able to feel how nervous you are at your first date, she’ll never want to be with you again. She’ll invent any lame excuse just to keep you away. There is no need for you to feel stressed. College girls are just like normal girls, the only thing that makes them unique is being very special.

Wear something that suits you. Clothing is important for young college girls since they also try to dress the best they can, because they care about themselves and how they look in the eyes of other people. Wearing ordinary clothes isn’t the best thing to do at such occasions.

Don’t spend money just to impress her. You should always be able to impress a girl with yourself. Being normal, not trying to act like someone else is all you need. If that girl likes you she likes you the way you are and if she doesn’t like you she never will.

Don’t make the date be about you. It is her you need to conquer and it is her you are supposed to be interested in. Of course if she asks you, answer her honestly. Being honest with college girls is the best thing to do. Not only you lose them with lies but they also spread the word telling their friends how loser you are.

Relationships with college girls are the most beautiful relationships in our lives. Always choose to date the college girl you really like and follow these useful tips when dating with her.


8 Jan 2011

Why do college girls go wild and hot?

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college girl strip

College girls are probably the sexiest and hottest girls you could ever meet during your lifetime. It is really true that college years are the best of our lives. We often hear, know or even see how college girls go wild and hot at parties. Why and how it happens? That’s what we’ll discuss further.

We know college parties are wild ones. One of the wildest such parties is the spring break party. At spring break party students really let themselves go and they become very hot and wild after a while. All that alcohol and all those extremely hot chicks will soon make you crazy and horny.

There are even other occasions like private parties when college girls really go wild and hot. Private parties are the ones where you all get drunk and then fuck around and suck each other until you fall asleep and not being able to remember a thing next morning. Of course if you are though and can drink a lot of alcohol this is the best for you. You can easily take advantage of drunken college girls and make them strip for you, suck your cock, kiss each other or even let you fuck them in every single hole of their sexy bodies.

College girls going wild is something normal. These girls are well aware that they need a lot of experience before they can really choose who that special man is, the man they need for the rest of their lives. Until they are inexperienced they always try new things and aren’t afraid of going really wild and hot.

Going wild and hot is fun. Being with all of your friends and seeing each other nude while playing strip poker, truth or dare or other sexual games is interesting for each of you. Of course truth or dare isn’t an adult game, unless you play it like that. Hey, let’s face it: we all have tried how adult truth or dare is. Giving blowjobs, kissing each other, fingering girls are all common sides of this game. These games are the best when you play it with young hot college girls.

With college girls you never get bored. They are so hot, so sexy, so amazing that you would never let them go. Being with them is wild and you may even get some hot sex parties for free giving you nice experiences you’ll never forget.

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31 Dec 2010

The best tips for guys who like girls’ strip

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college girl strip

Most of us men really enjoy the sight of hot girls stripping. We all are influenced by visual elements in our lives. If you see anything that your eyes love to see, you will feel you simply love that. When it comes to striptease it is easy to understand why we love it. Seeing all those perfect tits, asses and pussies is just perfect for any real man!

Probably you won’t always have the opportunity and money to go to striptease clubs. With striptease clubs you surely see hot girls, but then even if they are willing to get laid with you, they still ask for money. There are cheaper and a lot better solutions than that!

College girls or other hot young girls are the best option for you. These girls need to be convinced to strip for you and then you get both a striptease and sex party for free, and probably turn it into a longer relationship with even better things to come.

Dating hot young girls feels so good and it isn’t at all impossible to achieve. The only thing you need is a good opportunity and some strategy to come up with. However you need some qualities in order to successfully date a college girl. Being very confident, sure of what you’re doing is a must. Never try to impress a girl by spending hundreds of dollars since that will make her think you are weak and you are trying to buy her love for you.

Timing is very important. Whoever you are dating, you shouldn’t rush her into things like asking her to strip for you. In most of the cases the need to ask her doesn’t come since that amazing moment will come by itself and she’ll probably strip for you just to make you hot, not because you asked her to do it.

Of course if you are lucky enough to go to a sex party, an orgy party or something similar then there is your opportunity. Such parties always involve sexy girls stripping, sucking your cock and kissing each other or even letting you fuck them in any position you want. That is an excellent thing to do, a lot of fun, a lot of new friends, alcohol and girls.

Now, for every guy who enjoys girls’ strip think first. You only need a good place, a good strategy and one or more girls. The rest will come by itself and the best part is all of it being for free!


22 Dec 2010

How to make college girl hot?

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college girl strip

Meeting and dating college girls is excellent thing to do for every man, even if single or even if only looking for an affair. These girls are young, extremely hot and they all are special. What makes them so special is the way they understand this life. They all have the need inside them to care about themselves and become better every day.

Making a college girl hot is something most men would definitely try to do. If you make a college girl hot she’ll go so wild that she’ll fuck with you even all day or all night long. We only have one life to live, one chance to try every girl we want to try!

However, it is good to know some techniques how you can make a college girl hot. Eating a romantic dinner together and drinking some wine while eating may be one of the best foreplays. It is an excellent start because she will then feel turned on. Then you need to take her somewhere comfortable, quiet and relaxed and she’s yours.

Another good thing to do is asking her to dance with you on a slow song. Dancing slow brings you two closer to each other and kissing her passionately while dancing will turn both of you on.

Taking a shower together is also very amazing thing to do. Wash every single part of her body and gently rub her tits and pussy. You don’t need to wait for long, in a matter of some minutes she’ll start feeling very horny. Then you can go ahead and fuck her in the shower or take her to your bed and fuck her in a more comfortable way in any pervert position you may ever think of.

In any case, making a college girl hot needs the appropriate foreplay. Making her hot only makes sense if at least oral sex will follow. On the other hand you might have a little affair and only want to make her strip or do something your girlfriend wouldn’t do for you.

The above techniques are only a short presentation of the hundreds of techniques that actually work with college girls. If you have your own thoughts, strategies then don’t be afraid to use them! The only thing you can win is a wild sex party with that amazingly hot college girl and you won’t regret having such an occasion, that’s for sure!

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12 Dec 2010

Why do men like college girls’ strip?

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college girl strip

Since men first invented to make striptease something public they have learned that striptease is something they really love. When you go to a striptease club, you expect to see very hot girls and you will be so horny if any of those girls sits on your lap for just a few minutes nude.

College girls are young, hot and amazing girls. These girls have only a few years before deciding to start their separate lives and establish a family. While they are in college, they try to be with more guys so they can really decide which guy is the best partner both in the sexual part of the relationship and the other parts of the relationship.

College girls’ strip is a perfect sight. Any man would definitely watch a show like that every single day! If you are lucky enough to meet a college girl, start a relationship with her and then see her strip for you it will surely be something you can never forget.

Being so special is easy to explain in the case of college girls. These girls are well aware of how pretty and sexy they are and they care about themselves and how they look. They never leave their rooms until they aren’t like ready for the day. That means wearing something attractive, having a sexy makeup and an amazing hairstyle and of course smelling good.

Seeing a regular striptease bar girl stripping or a college girl stripping will never be the same. College girls will satisfy you more. They will make you feel you are even better and luckier since they are all special. They will instantly make you horny and probably won’t ask for money to strip. When you see those perfect tits and round asses you’ll barely jump on them and fuck them like you never did before.

Even if there is no sex involved, just being able to see a college girl strip for you is a precious thing to do with your time as a man.

Although college girls are harder to get than normal girls, don’t think you can’t start a relationship with them. You just need the right strategy at the right time and the one you like is instantly yours. Then you only need to make her horny so she’ll strip for you. Making girls horny is something within our instincts, so you only need to make things comfortable and do what you got to do!